Ridgewood Dentistry

Tooth-colored Restorations

What they are?
Tooth-colored restorations can be used on front or back teeth that need repair due to decay and also serve to change the color of the teeth or to reshape disfigured teeth. A tooth-colored composite filling will enhance your smile as it is less noticeable than a silver filling and it won't discolor the tooth around the filling. Tooth-colored restorations are strong, wear resistant, and because they are bonded, they actually reinforce the tooth.

How they are placed?
With tooth-colored restorations, the preparation of the tooth is a more conservative process. The process of bonding restorations allows for us to conserve more of the remaining tooth structure and protects the gum tissue. Following preparation of the tooth, the composite is applied in layers, using a special light to harden each layer. When the process is finished, the composite is shaped and polished. The bonding process supports the remaining tooth structure which helps to prevent breakage and insulates the tooth from excessive temperature changes.